If you have a middle school age child, I’m sure you know who Rodrick is.  If not, Rodrick is a character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and movies.  Rodricks philosophy is screw up what his parents want him to do and then they won’t ask him again.  My daughter has taken up this philosophy too.

My daughter is a great kid.  She gets all A’s, plays 4 different instruments and is now finally keeping her room clean!  She doesn’t want to help around the house though. She could be a great help around the house.  I tell her, “don’t you want to know how to do laundry?  Some day you will have to do it yourself.”  She replies, “until then, I have you to do it.”  Ug, she is out smarting me!

So I have been giving her simple tasks in hopes she will get on board. One simple task is, unloading the dishwasher when it’s done.  Simple, right?  Until I go to get a pan out of the cabinet, and an avalanche of pots and pans come out at me.  Or I asked her to put a load of clothes from washer into the dryer.  I go later to fold clothes and she never turned the dryer on.  Ug.  She is doing the “Rodrick Rules Method” to get out of chores.

My question is,  do I give in or just try to keep up with the wet clothes and the jumble of pots and pans in the cabinets?  What would you do? Or have you been in my situation?

One thought on “The “Rodrick Rules” Method

  1. Only dry your clothes! Leave hers wet and hopefully she will get the hint. I think most important is to keep her helping on some level.

    With the pots and pans, it maybe time to downsize. Keep it simple. My husband was still stating he couldn’t find matching lids for bowls. My daughter and I went through and “nested” the bowls and put all the lids together.

    Hopefully this helps! Good Luck. ♡

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