I was inspired by the WordPress Blog, Adventures of Lexie to take her 30 day writing challenge.  First, if you haven’t seen her blog, check it out.  http://www.adventuresoflexis.com .

I love to write, but sometimes it’s hard to get started.  Putting your thoughts down on paper or computer screen.  The 30 day writing challenge got me thinking and wanting to write.  June is a busy month for our family with several birthdays and a vacation coming up, but I’m going to give it a try.

Today’s challenge is list 10 things that make you really happy.  Sounds simple, right?  Getting it out with words is hard.  Here we go:

10 things that make me really happy.

1.  My family.  My sister once told me, “Why do you have to bring your whole damn family with you when you come over?”  Well, it is only me, my husband and daughter, not like there is 50 of us!  I just like spending time with my family.  My husband works a lot and a lot of odd hours.   My daughter is getting older, the early teen years and has a busy schedule.  We don’t get a lot of time together.  Yes, I love my family and I like to spend time with them when I can.

2.   Photographs.  I love photos.  They give me a fuzzy feeling, thinking about that moment captured in time.  Especially old photographs.  Such history and stories.

3.  Antiques.  This is kind of like photographs.  I love collecting antiques and thinking about the history of each item.

4.  Reading.  You guessed it, reading about history or historical events mostly.

5.  Shopping. The thrill of the hunt!

6.  Smell of new school supplies.  Sometimes I can’t wait till August.

7.  That well deserved afternoon nap.  Especially when your cat snuggles with you.

8.  Cooking.  Cooking a big meal and watching others enjoy it.

9.  Electronics.  My Samsung devices to be specific.  They play well together, sharing information.  My dream team.

10. Documenting life.  Though pictures, scrapbooking, blogging….I want to remember it all.

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