Day 2 Writing Challenge – Write about something someone said about you that you never forgot.  This is hard for me.  I can think of a lot of negative things right off the bat.

This girl, when I was in 4th grade, told me I wear the same shirt everyday.  That really hurt my feelings.  We didn’t have a lot growing up, so I didn’t have a lot of clothes.  I did wear that shirt a lot because that was all I had, but it was always clean.  That has stuck with me for over 30 years!  I know she was innocent in saying it, but it still hurt and have never forgot about it.

Not to long ago, that girl found me on Facebook.  We are Facebook friends now.

A positive story…….someone about the same time as the negative story,  told me I had “interesting eyes,” big brown beautiful eyes.  I have never forgot about that.


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