Writing Challenge – 30 facts about yourself

1.  I love music, but I have no musical ability.  I don’t play any instruments.

2.  I have super crafting powers!  🙂

3.  I love photography.

4.  I have one daughter.

5.  I love reading about history, especially about the Civil War.

6.  I’m a makeup enthusiast.

7.  I have two crazy cats.

8.  My favorite color is red.

9.  I love the Walking Dead!  Can’t wait for it to come back on in October.

10.  I love decorating for the holidays. 

11.  I love watching, I think about every paranormal show on TV.

12.  I love Lifetime movies, especially on Saturdays.

13.  I’m a lover of antiques.  I collect vintage cameras, typewriters and milk glass.

14.  I love Americana items.

15.  I would love to have my own photography business some day.

16.  I have two brothers and three sisters.

17.  I have a jewelry fetish.  Necklaces, earrings and rings, oh my.

18.    I only drink water.  I quit drink soda and coffee over two years ago.

19.   I have a handy husband.  He does a lot of diy around the house.

20.  This summer will be my 23rd wedding anniversary.

21.  I have never seen the ocean.

22.  I like to cook, baking not so much.

23.  I like to crochet.

24.  I don’t drink alcohol.

25.  I have a large birthmark on my leg.  My sister has a similar shaped birthmark on her leg.

26.  I’m more of a homebody.

27.  I like to sing, but I know I can’t sing.  I like to make up silly songs.

28.  My first car was a Ford Escort.

29.  I love flowers.

30.  I’m just starting out as a blogger.

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