What have I been reading lately?  Well, I like to read on my Kindle,  so I have been known to read several books at once.  Does anyone else do this?  One book I have been reading is The Blum House Book of Nightmares, the Haunted City, by Jason Blum.  It’s actually a book of short stories.  Nightmares, horror stories and such.  I usually read this in the daylight, waiting for my daughter.  Quick reading, but scary!  I really like it and highly recommend it for anyone who likes horror.

The other book I have been reading is, I Am Haunted, by Zak Bagans.  Zak Bagans is the host of the paranormal show Ghost Adventures.  If you like him or the show, you will like this book.  He shares his personal experiences and behind the scenes of the show.  I read his other book, Dark World, a couple of years ago.  I like paranormal stories too.  I have a very eclectic reading taste.  I usually like reading about history. 

The next book I’m planning on reading is The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. 

What are you reading?  Any suggestions for this eclectic reader?

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