I thought I would stop by the thrift store the other day.  I wasn’t really looking for anything, I just like to stop in every now and then to see what they have.

My eyes quickly went to the large pumpkin basket.  The fabric looked really familiar.  I realized it was a larger version of my Longaberger basket I had bought years ago.  I flipped the basket over and yep, it was a Longaberger.


I use to buy Longaberger baskets when I thought I had money, you know the days before house payments and a child.  I have probably around 25 baskets.


I thought this basket would still be expensive, but the sticker said $4.99!  What?  I can’t even remember what I paid for the smaller version of the basket, probably in the $30-$40 range.


I went around the next corner and found this basket, another Longaberger for $1.99.  I had to snap that one up too.

I was pretty happy and they will go great in my basket collection.

Do you collect Longaberger Baskets?  If you do, what baskets do you have or have you found any thrifty Longaberger finds?


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