I love antiques.  We decided to take a drive to The Heart of Ohio Antique Center in Springfield, Ohio.


The place was great!  Clean and well organized.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.  We just like to roam around and look.

I do love Milk Glass and just recently started to collect Hens on nests.  If you don’t know what Hens on nests are, ask your grandma!  She probably collected them.  I know my grandma did and have one of hers.


Since the spring, I have had an obsession with watching Bald Eagles that have built a nest not to far from my house.  I love watching them and taking pictures of them.

IMG_3072 copy2

So when I found this, I had to get it.


It’s called the American Hen.  This piece was made to commemorate the Spanish American war.  It was produced between 1898 and 1902.  How appropriate for me.

Have you found something you wasn’t looking for, but had to have while antiquing?


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