I’m not the baker.  I will make the occasional birthday cake and will bake for the holidays.  So I don’t have a lot of baking supplies.

I have two cabinets, very small, above my cook top, I store all my dry baking goods, oils and vinegars.


It was time to clean out the cabinets when stuff was falling out!


First, I took everything out and wiped out the cabinets good.  I did go to Dollar Tree and bought clear plastic containers to organize all the dry baking goods.

I found on Pinterest, these free printable pantry labels I used to label all the dry goods.


The site is here:

Free Printable French Pantry Labels!

The containers I got at the dollar store fit nicely in the cabinet.


On the other side, I keep my oils and vinegars.  As I was cleaning it out, I had multiples of things.  I couldn’t see what I had, so I bought another one.  Don’t think I need to buy Olive Oil and Pam cooking spray any time soon!


I kept putting off cleaning the cabinet out.  All in all, it took me 30 minutes to clean and organize.  So much easier to find things!


Awww, much better!

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