I was wanting to try a ham in my instant pot.  I found a ham on the small side.  It was about 5 lbs.  It was sliced, which was a bonus!  It turned out great.  I’m certainly going to make my next holiday ham this way.


I used a can of crushed pineapple, a cup of brown sugar and a tablespoon or two of honey.



Mixed in a bowl.



I used the trivet that came with the instant pot.  I did add about a 1/4 cup of water to the bottom.  Placed the ham on the rack.  Poured and spooned the pineapple mixture over the ham.  Since the ham I had was sliced, I put spoonful’s of the mixture in between the slices.


Set the instant pot on manual for 15 minutes.  The ham came out perfect.





Ham – one that will fit in your instant pot

1/4 cup of water for bottom of your pot

trivet or rack for your instant pot.  You could also ball up foil to raise the ham

1 can of crushed pineapple

1 cup of brown sugar

1 to 2 tablespoons of honey


Mix the pineapple, brown sugar and honey in a bowl.  Place your ham in the instant pot on the rack.  Make sure you add the 1/4 cup of water to the bottom of the pot.  Pour and spoon the pineapple mixture over the ham.  If your ham is sliced, spoon mixture in between slices.

Seal and set your instant pot for 15 minutes on manual pressure.



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