Our first DIY project of the year.  A well over due fireplace makeover.  We have lived in this house for 17 years now, but somehow the fireplace kept getting pushed on the backburner. A new year, new look.

The Before

A dated mirror and fireplace insert.


We where going to paint the insert, but decided to take it out after realizing it wasn’t even installed properly!

We then used a white wash technique to tone down the orange-y brick.

We also found a reclaimed barn beam we used as a mantle.  For a little bit of interest, we found an old barn door.  We cleaned it up and painted it white.  We even left the handle on the door and it turned out to be a great wreath hanger.

The After


It didn’t cost a lot and didn’t take much time.  Just elbow grease and my husbands muscle to lift that beam!

Speaking of my husband, he wanted to decorate the fireplace like this.


Ah, no!  I let him take a picture, then shopped my house to decorate.


What DIY projects are you working on?

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