A beautiful Saturday Evening

Usually this time of year its getting cooler.  Not this beautiful, warm day in late October. We had a great time watching the clouds and the sunset. Take some time today and look around.  Beauty is all around you.   Follow me on Instagram:  @paulapc70    

Yep, that is an owl in a bucket.

Nothing any cuter than an owl in a bucket.  Well, except two baby owls in a bucket! We heard there was an owls nest in a local park.  We had to check it out.  Cuteness overload!  I guess the park put this large bucket in a tree hoping something would nest in it.  Sure enough owls moved…

My New Obsession

I know, it’s been awhile.  A lot of things have happened in the last 6 months and I will be blogging about them soon. For now, I wanted to tell you my latest obsession, eagles.  Where I live, there are several eagles nests.  I have been trying to get pictures of the nest closest to my house. …

The Sunset Paparazzi

We were out for a drive the other night and noticed how beautiful the sunset was.  We pulled over at a school that was on a hill and got some great shots.  I had my camera and my husband and daughter had their cell phones. The sunset paparazzi was born. Follow me on : Instagram…

Instagram photos

I have a love for Instagram, because I have a love for photography.   I really like nature shots.  Moon pics, sunrises, sunsets, and clouds.  Here are a few shots from my Instagram feed.  All taken with my Samsung Galaxy 5S phone or my Samsung Galaxy camera. Follow me on Instagram @paulapc70

Exploring a new hiking trail

We took a walk at a local park last evening.  They have had to cut down a lot of trees lately because of disease.  Instead of wasting the wood,  they have been trying to recycle it, like making this entryway to the trail.  You can even see the markings that the Emerald Ash Borer left….