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Turkey Quesadillas and Mexican Mashed Potatoes

The Saturday after Thanksgiving and I still had a fridge full of leftovers.  We where tired of leftovers! I got creative and made Turkey Quesadillas and Mexican Mashed Potatoes. I took a flour tortilla put it in a frying pan with a little vegetable oil.  I added diced leftover turkey, cheese and green chilies on… Continue reading Turkey Quesadillas and Mexican Mashed Potatoes

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My Favorite Christmas Songs

I was sitting here listening to Christmas music and thought I would make a list of my favorite Christmas songs.  If I found a link to a video for the song, I included that.  It was kind of fun to look back at old videos. Not in any particular order. Enjoy!  Merry Christmas!   Here comes… Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Songs