A beautiful Saturday Evening

Usually this time of year its getting cooler.  Not this beautiful, warm day in late October. We had a great time watching the clouds and the sunset. Take some time today and look around.  Beauty is all around you.   Follow me on Instagram:  @paulapc70    

The Sunset Paparazzi

We were out for a drive the other night and noticed how beautiful the sunset was.  We pulled over at a school that was on a hill and got some great shots.  I had my camera and my husband and daughter had their cell phones. The sunset paparazzi was born. Follow me on : Instagram…

Instagram photos

I have a love for Instagram, because I have a love for photography.   I really like nature shots.  Moon pics, sunrises, sunsets, and clouds.  Here are a few shots from my Instagram feed.  All taken with my Samsung Galaxy 5S phone or my Samsung Galaxy camera. Follow me on Instagram @paulapc70